T-Shirt Ian Grushka’s Precision Basses


This is a sharpie sketch of Precision Basses belonging to Ian Grushka, bassist of pop punk outfit New Found Glory. I was very inspired to create this artwork for Ian since I love New Found Glory, as well as his basses, since some of them are custom. 100% cotton, preshrunk, printed on high quality AS Colour tees.


This piece of band art captures the images of each Precision Bass belonging to Ian Grushka, bassist of pop punk band New Found Glory. The green, orange, and blue basses behind the red and white basses are custom-made since the model of precision bass they are, which in this case is the American Standard Precision Bass, are not made and sold to the public in those colors.

The colors of the basses aren’t the only thing that make them custom-made. As you can see, on the maple necks of both the green and blue basses are inlays of black stars (blue bass) and cannabis leaves (green bass) instead of black dots between some of the frets. Also, the blue bass is shown having a black headstock, which American Standard Precision Basses normally don’t have. On the orange bass, what appear to look like stickers all around the body of the bass are in fact hand-painted designs of MLB logos and Miami Marlins logos since Ian loves baseball, especially the Marlins.

The decals on the red bass are a yellow decal of a Taylor Swift logo, and a silver decal of the number 13. On the white bass are individual custom decals that each contain words of the sentence “190 LBS OF PIMP” written on them, and are placed next to each other on the bass to create the sentence.

The pickguards on these bass except for the white one were custom-made from Canadian-based pickguard company Greasy Groove Inc., as it is seen that on the pickguard of the orange bass is a baseball pitcher in front of a large crowd. Even other basses of Ian’s have custom pickguard designs like the red bass in front, which also has a picture of a baseball game.

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