T-Shirt Steve Klein’s Custom Jazzmasters


This is a sharpie sketch of ex-New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein’s Custom Jazzmasters. The inspiration behind this artwork was my passion for New Found Glory, as well as Steve’s guitars in particular. 100% cotton, preshrunk, printed on high quality AS Colour tees.


When I saw the type of guitars that Steve played when he used to be in the band, I thought to myself, “Wow those guitars look pretty cool! I wonder what they are and how he got them. I wish I had one.” After looking at several images of Steve playing his guitars online and closely examining each image, I concluded that the guitars he was playing were Jazzmasters due to their body shape, along with noticing the words “Jazzmaster” written on the headstocks of each guitar. The most interesting thing about them, unlike any traditional Jazzmaster, was the way they were configured. Each Jazzmaster was configured with one humbucker bridge pickup, one volume knob, a hardtail Stratocaster bridge, and a side input jack. Due to their configuration, I knew they had to be custom-built, however I wondered who built them. I eventually learned that they were built by Billy Siegle, artist relations manager at .

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