Tank Top Kevin Skaff’s Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Guitars


This is a sharpie sketch of A Day To Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff’s Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay guitars that he has played since 2019. These guitars were first used on the band’s Raisin’ Hell in the Heartland tour in the summer of 2019. This piece of music art captures the images of each custom-built StingRay guitar belonging to Kevin.


Kevin’s Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay guitars were built by Tim Dove, artist relations manager at Ernie Ball Music Man. The way you can tell that Kevin’s guitars are custom is that they are configured differently than regular stock models. They have interesting features like different types of pickups, fingerboard material, hardware colors, body colors, and some of them even have white binding on the sides of the neck and matching headstocks.

Pictured left to right are Kevin’s StingRay guitars in charcoal sparkle, ivory white stained in blood with white neck binding, firemist silver, black with white polka dots and a matching headstock, and coral red with a matching headstock and white neck binding. The neck material for these StingRay guitars on the back of the necks is roasted flame maple while the fingerboard material is ebony, however, the firemist silver StingRay guitar in the middle has a roasted flame maple fingerboard. What makes the charcoal sparkle StingRay guitar on the left interesting is that it has black hardware, unlike the other four StingRay guitars which have chrome hardware. The two StingRay guitars with the matching headstocks on the right have white block inlays instead of white dot inlays on the fingerboard between certain frets.

Another feature that these StingRay guitars have which makes them custom is that they have hardtail bodies and no floating tremolos, which means their bridges are fixed. Having these guitars come with hardtail bodies is only available through a custom order, and is unlikely to happen unless you are an endorsed Ernie Ball Music Man artist.

Overall, these are all the Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay guitars that Kevin Skaff has played throughout his career in A Day To Remember as of now.

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